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You will be able to explore the most prominent tourist sites and the greatest spots in our old city with our full day Gabala tour packages. A day excursion from Baku includes Yeddi Gozel waterfall, Nohur lake, Cable Car, Caucasus mountains, Juma mosque Shamakhi, Shooting Club, Ski Resort, and more…

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Shamakhi Juma Mosque

Shamakhi Juma Mosque

During the Gabala trip, we will first stop at the Shamakhi Juma Mosque on the route to Gabala. The biggest and oldest mosque in the Caucasus is located in Azerbaijan.

It was supposedly created in the eighth century, when Shamakhi was selected as the location of the Arab caliph’s home. According to study done by a geological committee from Tiflis led by Prince Shakuli Qajar, the building’s actual construction date is 744.

The Arabic inscription on the Juma mosque’s exterior, which indicates the 126th year of the Muslim calendar as the year of establishment, was used to ascertain this date.

nohur lake gabala

Tour to Lake Nohur

During our Gabala trip, we will take you on a visit to Lake Nohur, which is one of the most famous tourist sites in our nation and will also be one of the stops on our Gabala tour.

The lake is unique and stunning; it is encircled by mountains and reed beds, and it seems to be a mirror in which the surrounding forested hills are reflected.

You can reach here by vehicle, and there is even a recreation area nearby where you can stay if you want to make a weekend of it. This reservoir is unique in that it is situated high in the mountains, yet it is quite easy to get there.

7 Gozel Waterfall

The waterfall “Seven Beauties” in the town of Vandam, on the outskirts of Gabala, is another must-see on our Gabala trip. The waterfall’s name derives from its seven distinct cascades.

If you want to get a glimpse of this natural beauty, you’ll need to go there early in the morning. As a popular tourist destination, travelers from over the globe come to this waterfall, and the short wooden stairway leading to the falls is constantly packed with people.

Before visiting the waterfall, hypertensive individuals and those with cardiovascular illness should see their doctor. Visitors are permitted to climb up to the fifth step, but only the bravest people dare to go the next three steps up the ladder.

Tufandag Resort

The historical capital of the Caucasus Albany, Gabala, is about four kilometers away from Tufandag Resort. Azerbaijan’s capital, Baku, is 220 kilometers away from Gabala International Airport.

The resort is ideal for a wonderful family vacation. If you want to learn how to ski or snowboard, there are training schools with trained instructors that can assist you do so, as well as help you progress to a new level.

For kids, there is nothing better than a trip to the playgrounds. Hotel complexes provide babysitting services. Up to 3,000 people may be housed in the Tufandag complex at once.

Gabala Shooting Club

And the best part of the Gabala Tour is a shooting club.

This is an amazing institution where a professional sports base and a social and entertainment enterprise are combined.

That is, on te one hand, sportsmen-shooters are trained here, and on the other, almost everyone, even tourists can come here and shoot.

On the one side, significant people like to come here. On the other, it does not affect the regular life of the club.


Our 5 Star Tour Packages

If you pick one of our full-day Baku Gabala tour packages, you will have the opportunity to explore both the most renowned tourist attractions and the most scenic areas of our old city. Because these attractions are significant to our visitors, they are included in our trip packages.

If you choose one of our Gabala city tour packages for the whole day, you will have the opportunity to see the most well-known destinations for tourists as well as the most significant locations in our historic city. The city tour includes a day trip departing from Baku to several locations such as the Yeddi Gozel waterfall, Nohur lake, Caucasus mountains, Juma mosque Shamakhi, Shooting Club, and Ski Resort, amongst others…


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