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About Gabala

Gabala is one of the cities located in the North-West region of Azerbaijan and has many natural sightseeing places including rivers, waterfalls, mountains.

The district itself is surrounded by North Caucasus Mountains and it is also located on the border with Russia along its North part. The climate tends to be mild and due to the surrounding mountains, the precipitation level can be considered as high.

Summer temperatures occasionally exceed 42 degrees recently, however, the lowest temperature in the winter can also possibly be as low as -18 degrees.

Gabala has 7 climate zones and these changes visible in nature can also be felt during a trip from the North down to the South. North of the city is surrounded by the mountain and forests as well.

The region also has a number of rivers which has permanent streaming water. Some rivers have the characteristics of flood during the rainy periods of the spring and the summer. Due to its location in the mountains, the place has a lot of beautiful and natural sightseeing areas.

These include forests, rivers, lakes, and waterfalls which either can be visited by a vehicle or just hiking depending on your knowledge of the region.

Gabala Sightseeing places

Gamarvan is one of the villages located in the North-West part of Gabala. The village reflects the beauty of nature with its areas abundant with forests and rivers.

During the high temperatures in the summer, local people make the selection of its rivers for cooling down and by blocking one or two arms of it they build a pool like structure where they can swim and cool themselves down in the cold water of the river which takes its beginning from the icy parts of the mountain.

It is also a good place for hiking as long as you have good information about nature and wildlife since in some cases deep in the forests you can come across with bear and wolves.

Recently in the village, a number of small restaurants are being built both by local business owners and as well as by people living in other areas. In these restaurants, you can order almost anything in terms of the most favorite dishes of Azeri cuisine. You will probably come across the dishes made with main meat and also fresh fishes which have grown in clean and pure waters of the river.

Due to its location in the mountains, these sightseeing places are mostly not accessible during the winter because of high precipitation of rain and snow.

In the Northern region of Gabala city, there are lying two villages along with the mountains. One of them is called Duruja and this is also where the Tufandag Hotel and Rope Line (cable-car) Complex and are located.

The average temperature of this small town is relatively cool comparing to the annual temperature of Gabala city itself. So that even in mid-summer when the temperature in the city exceeds more than 40 degrees the warmth in Duruja barely increases up more than 30 degrees. And this makes the village one of the destination points of locals and visitors in order to get relaxed during the hot days of summer.

The village also has a number of small cafes where you can eat a number of traditional Azerbaijan cuisine. Unlike to Gamarvan, this village is located on a more rocky structure of the mountain.

The other neighboring village to Duruja is called Laza where mostly nomadic population live.

The village is lying across the river running on the right part of the area. During the time of seasonal changes which is accompanied with a lot of precipitation the river sometimes changes its path and causes a flood. All the restaurant and cafes located there are mostly built in the foothills so that you can see an amazing view of the mountains and the river as well.

Vandam and Bunud are the other villages which also have been surrounded by forests and have a number of natural sightseeing places which the former is famous for its waterfall called the “Seven Beauties” that is always visited by the visitors especially the foreign guests during their holidays.

These settlements are located in the entry of Gabala if you travel from Baku.  As you travel to the South, especially during the summer, you will more likely feel how the climate and the temperature changes set in due to the changes in the climatic zones.

These changes firstly show itself in terms of the increasing temperature which the difference can be more than 15 degrees. Along the highway, as you move, the villages are located both on the right and the left side.

If you are interested in seeing some historical sightseeing places in Gabala then, Cukhur Gabala is definitely the right place to go where you will witness the history of the old city which has been the capital of an ancient Albania 3000 A.D. where the relic findings of the city and city walls are displayed.

Sightseeing places in Gabala Tours including but not limited to:

Tufandag Mountain Resort offers its visitors natural scenery of incomparable beauty and harmony.

gabala sightseeing places


Leisure Centre in Gabala – «Gabaland» due to its size and a number of attractions is called “Azerbaijani Disneyland.”



Beautiful quiet nature, clean water surface surrounded by high mountains – all this brings peace and a sense of distant exotic countries.

gabala nohur lake

The other popular waterfall in Gabala is “Seven Beauties”. The waterfall is located 4 km far from the center of Gabala city, in the village of Vandam.


Creation conditions for visitors to spend their leisure time doing sports and leading a healthy lifestyle.



The place where you can enjoy the beauty of the nature surrounded by the mountains, and also a good location for lunch over the river

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