17 Best Places to Visit in Azerbaijan in 2020 | So You Dont Miss Anything

Are you looking for some best places to visit while you are in Azerbaijan?

Like most guests visiting our beautiful country, you may also want to see and explore the best destinations in Azerbaijan as much as possible. Of course, traveling and sightseeing every single site during your stay might not be possible due to the available time for your holidays. However, by reading the following list of destinations you will have an idea and eventually a plan to visit the most amazing locations in Azerbaijan. Through the list of every possible city and sightseeing places to visit, we have picked the best 17 places that you must see while you are in Azerbaijan.

17 best places to visit in Azerbaijan:


Absheron National Park

best places to visit in azerbaijan

Absheron National park is located in Baku and covers 783 hectares of the protected area. The site is an awesome place to visit and see the spectacular flora and fauna of the country. During your visit, you may observe a number of wildlife such as gazelles, birds, jackals, badgers, and Caspian seas.

Although most of the area consists of the dry steppe, as you continue to explore you will find romantic rolling sand dunes that look like grass that sways with the wind. Please also note that the water in this area is just crystal clear and rich wildlife which you can even occasionally observed sea snake.

If you are, however, interested in seeing Caspian seals, then you should consider visiting Azerbaijan from September onwards.


best places to visit in azerbaijan

Astara is the city that is located in the Astara districts of Azerbaijan. You can spot it on the map just across from the border in neighboring Iran. The city is famous for being one of the most lovely places in the country.

Astara is enclosed by woods and mountains. and has charming cafes and local restaurants, as well as museums. One of the museums is devoted to archaeological discoveries in the whole region. These discoveries involve coins and as well as stonework like sculptures of human figures and animals which is expected to be over 2,000 years old. If you visit outside of Astara, you will come across beautiful mountain villages which highlight old mosques, towers, bathhouses, and as well as some mausoleums.



Being the capital city of Azerbaijan Baku extends along the Caspian Sea. The city is a slightly unique mix of the old walled city of Icheri Seher, and a contemporary building fashion. This has led to growth in skyscrapers, numerous of which are decorated with LCD screens.

As you visit the city, you will need to make sure that you don’t miss seeing the Flame Towers. These three towers have been designed to mirror fire which casts a bronzed glow during the night.

Baku also encompasses the contemporary at the Museum of Modern Art. In the museum, you can see more than 900 artworks that highlight up artists from the region. The site is surely worth a visit for those curious in modern culture.

While in Baku, visitors can also take a trip to Teze Bazaar which features the local produce. The market is well-known for its cheeses and spices or grabs a kebab. These are some of the local delicacies you can try and.

Baku seaside park

baku seaside parkIf you visit the country’s capital, then you should also visit Baku Seaside Park and Boulevard. The venue has lots of activities to do and as well as iconic old fashioned tea shops and cafes. The length of the boulevard is 5 kilometers stretching along the coastline from National Flag Square to the Baku Port. It is also a great place to try seaside attractions in Azerbaijan,

You can also have fun with the whole family enjoying amusement arcades. In addition, the Carpet Museum illustrates the rich history of the textile industry for those interested in the history of Azerbaijan. Guests can also see Baku Crystal Hall which once hosted the Eurovision Song Contest. Currently, the venue hosts regular concerts and musical programs.



Gabala region and the city is one of the most beautiful destinations to visit during your travels to Azerbaijan. The region is very famous for its magnificent nature and landscape. Furthermore, you can also find many attractions and tourist spots where you can enjoy the local dishes, entertainment and more.

Among many other places to see, there are Shooting Club, Seven Beauties Waterfall, Tufandagh Mountain Resort, Nohur Lake and etc. Gabala is an all-year-round region that can be visited anytime throughout the year since there are various activities to do both in the summer and winter.

Garasu Volcano

garasu volcano

Azerbaijan is the country with the highest number of mud volcanoes in the world. In fact, there are more than 350 mud volcanoes and one of them is called Garasu Volcano. The volcano is known for its power which throws mud over 1,000 into the air.

The reason for volcanic eruption is gassing under the earth that build up and throw the mud into the air. It is said that the first mud volcanoes eruption in Azerbiajna happened 25 million years ago. Visitors say that the craters caused by volcanoes look like the surface of the moon.

Gizil Agach State National Reserve

Gizilagach State National Reserve

Are you enthusiastic to see some real nature? Then Gizilagach State National Reserve is just the right place for you to observe wildlife. In general, you may come across foxes, badgers, wild cats and as well as many species of birds.

Gobustan National Park

Gobustan National Park

In Gobustan you can see many natural and interesting mountain views. In fact, the site has been labeled as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Visitors will witness prehistoric rock cravings which tell about daily life’s and traditions of ancient people lived there. Since there are thousands of these carvings, you may need more than 2 hours of time to explore all of them.

Maiden tower

baku tour packagesAn iconic historical monument was built in the 12th century and is located on the coastline of the beautiful Caspian Sea. As you enter the monument you will be amazed by the view of this great castle. You can also acquire information about the history and architecture of old Baku city and stories about legends of Maiden tower.


best palces to visit in azerbaijanOnce being a village, Nabran is now one of the resort areas in Azerbaijan. You will need about 3 hours of drive to reach Nabran from Baku. The zone stretches on the banks of the Caspian Sea

The climate of the region is what makes it very attractive for tourists since it delivers plenty of sunshine during summertime. You can find lots of water activities in Nabran that includes aqua parks, and swimming pools across the site. Tourists wishing to experience some of the nightlife in Azerbaijan can enjoy bars, restaurants and as well as nightclubs throughout the night.

Naftalan Oil Resort

best places to visit in azerbaijanResearch after research has proven that Naftalan crude oil is actually valuable for its healing properties. The oil is used to heal certain conditions for years and now the site is open for medical tourism in the region. Naftalan Oil Resort is located in the oil fields in the town of Naftalan. According to a number of studies, the oil has features that can relieve the pain and provide anti-inflammatory benefits. Therefore, tourists visiting the site either take a bath in the oil or undergo a number of available oil-based treatments.

Baku Old city

cheap azerbaijan tourThe Walled City of Baku was built on a site inhabited since the Paleolithic period. The ancient city reveals a number of historical presence in its cultural continuity. The site is one of the best places to see in Baku. There are numerous historical monuments, buildings and as well as structures for those interested in the history of the old city.

Palace of Shirvanshahs

Palace of ShirvanshahsWant to witness some amazing medieval living? Then you should visit this historical monument, being one of the other best places to visit in Azerbaijan, which is constructed of stone, which is complex and also beautiful. The history of the Palace of the Shirvansahs dates back to the 15th century.

The palace in the past actually was a stronghold of the Baku fortress. Although you will not be able to see the traces of the wall, the remains of it can still be distinguished in the north-eastern side of the palace.

Shirvan national park

Shirvan national parkThe Government established Shirvan National Park as a protected area in 2003. Initially the park was residing under the Caspian Sea, however not it covers more than 54,000 hectares in the south of Baku. The site consists of the mainly semi-desert landscape. You can observe a lot of wildlife there such as gazelles, jungle cats and many species of small animals.

For those interested in to see more birdlife can find swan and eventually flamingos in the park. While visiting the park tourists can also see mud volcanoes. In addition, visitors are allowed to camp on the northern beach of the park after getting a permit from the authorities.

Teze Bazaar

best things to do in azerbaijanDuring your stay in Baku, this bazaar must be one of the places you should visit before your holiday ends. You can find fresh local products, cheese and as well as textiles. Get yourself familiarizes with local dishes and spend your time through the market at your leisure.

The Caspian sea

best places to visit in azerbaijanBeing the largest lake in the world, the Caspian sea covers 371,000 km2 area. Although the sea has salty water, compared to the other seas the salinity level is relatively lower. This, in turn, makes the sea for one of the perfect places to swim, since the salinity level will not cause irritation on your skin.

There are many beaches along the sea where guests can spend their leisure time on golden sands. You will also find a lot of other activities such as fishing, boat cruises and as well as diving. The Caspian sea is one of the most favorite places of tourists visiting Azerbaijan, especially in summer.

Yanar bulag

Yanar bulagYanar bulag is a mystic spring that is located on the way to Lankaran or Astara. If translated the term means a “burning spring”. This mystic spring spews hot water out of the fire. According to locals, the water actually has healing features.


best places to visit in azerbaijanYanardahg is the place where you can see a burning flame outlet. Translated as the “burning mountain”, the hills here seems permanently burning due to the deposits of gas accumulated under the surface of the sandstone. If you want to see this amazing place, then you need to come to Yanardagh during or after the sunset.  Then you can easily witness this natural wonder of amazing flames erupting out of the earth more clearly.

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